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Look the part, be the part.

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Easy access pockets for a stress free travel experience

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Form meets function

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Obsessed with the details. Committed to perfecting them.

Our mission is to empower men to go after the life they want by creating high-end travel bags they can take anywhere. We believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice premium craftsmanship, style, and functionality in the items you carry.

The Bag Built For The Self Made Man

We've designed the Kennedy to match your extraoridnary lifestyle—after all, you've earned it. Enjoy unmatched style, function, and quality in one bag.

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About us

Oak & Rove started with an opportunist outlook and ambitious goal: To offer the modern man high-end lifestyle and travel bags that empower them to go after the life they want. 

How do we achieve this?

The idea started when our founder, Harrison Bevins quit his corporate career and traveled to Asia with aspirations to build his own business. We’ll let him take it from here.

"As I began my entrepreneurial journey and meeting fellow self-made men living their dream, something was missing. I didn’t have a go-to travel bag that matched my pace of life.

Lugging a backpack to a meeting didn't feel professional and my previous duffel bag felt more of a nuisance than a functional bag. I wanted something that matched my lifestyle and that I could carry confidently whether I was hanging out at a happy hour or heading to the airport. 

When I went to find a solution, everything I saw and tried had the same issues.

The luxury brands were overpriced and had very little functionality.

Some bags had interesting design but poor craftsmanship.

The leather bags looked the part but were too heavy, inefficient and not very practical.

I started Oak & Rove to create a worthy alternative for the modern professional - a product for the ones who choose to tell the story they want to tell. 

By engaging with other self-made professionals directly, avoiding traditional solutions, and working with designers to create the “right” product, we’re able to provide better quality, higher-end looking bags at a price that makes sense. 

Our focus today is to create stylish bags with unparalleled quality.

It started without a go-to, but now there’s a bag with all the room and style you need to go after the life you want."

-Harrison Bevins

Founder & CEO